Magic is suitable for many different kinds of events

Magic entertains, inspires, lightens the mood, brings laughter, illustrates, evokes thoughts, amazes, fascinates.

Magic can bring people together, break the ice, open up for discussion or be a way to show respect and gratitude.

Magic can be incorporated into a party or into a more everyday happening, both at a corporate or at a private event.

My repertoire

During the years I’ve developed a broad repertoire. This is my starting point when planning an upcoming event, after first listening to my client. The magical moments combined with a genuine and positive interaction are at the core of my performances. For me it’s very important not to make fun of anyone and to ensure that everyone has a good time. My client can always be confident that I take care of my responsibilities for the event in a thoroughly professional manner, with good taste and with a respect towards my audience.

The program can be

  • a stand up magic show, performing 15-30 minutes in front of a bigger crowd
  • magic at a close distance, mingling among the guests and giving intimate performances for smaller groups at the time
  • a combination of the two above-mentioned formats
  • a presentation about a subject we agree upon, including some funny magical bits
  • some other ideas that we develop together with the client

My repertoire can be performed either live or as a streamed or hybrid performance.

The performance can be given in English, Finnish or Swedish; and even some French or German.

A magic performance can be adapted for many different situations and conditions, please ask for more information!